Products and Services

Products and Services

TravelServer Software has developed a family of cloud-based services designed to help companies implement and manage successful online travel management strategies.

TravelServer's ATTP (Advanced Travel Technology Platform) is a universal Global Distribution System (GDS) application program interface based on a .NET compliant multi-layer architecture. Under this architecture, the presentation layer is distinct from the business logic, database and transaction processing layers.

The Online Booking Module automates the research and booking of air, car, hotel and cruise reservations. All user activity is subject to the travel policy rules configured into the software during the initial set up. The Online Booking Module addresses many of the limitations of the first generation booking systems such as weak traveler profile management, lack of customization options and primitive search capabilities.

Unlike the first generation systems, which stored limited user profile information in a text format in the GDS, TravelServer's Online Booking module interacts with extensive user profile data that is stored in the cloud-based ProfileServer module.

ProfileServer stores information about each traveler's air, hotel, rental car, cruise and lifestyle preferences. For companies wishing to convert from a host-based profile management system or maintain a subset of the user's profile on the host system, ProfileServer can synchronize the user data that it maintains with the profiles stored in GDS host systems such as TravelPort (Apollo, Galileo, Worldspan), Sabre, and Amadeus.

The Online Booking Module interface can be customized to match the look and feel of any website. This can be accomplished via dynamic html or with a web services request. Under the dynamic HTML approach, the customer has the ability to modify the look and feel by cutting and pasting code from their site into the Administrative Module. Under the web services approach, customers with the technical resources and know how simply make a SOAP request for data and the TravelServer Online Booking module will return structured data to the customer who then chose to display it as they see fit.

TravelServer's Online Booking module can access flight, hotel, rental car and cruise information from traditional GDS systems and/or directly from the airlines' host systems or any other back-end data provider via available APIs. Since the presentation layer of TravelServer's product architecture is distinct from the business logic, database and transaction processing layers, the Online Booking module maintains a consistent and intuitive user experience regardless of which, or how many, back-end data sources it is interacting with.

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